After Market Customer Service

Arizon’s in-house customer service department and Australian based sales and consulting team offers a variety of maintenance and repair services for building owners and operators. As a total solution provider, Arizon provides seasonal installation and dismantle services and can upgrade or repair specific components, as needed. It is our goal to be your trusted partner throughout the life of your dome.

Seasonal Pool Air Dome Install and Dismantle
Seasonal Air Dome Swimming Pool Covers
Seasonal Tennis Bubble

Engineering & Construction Management Services

Arizon has a dedicated in-house engineering and construction management service that are based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Arizon also works with a local Australian team of sales, engineers, architects, project managers and construction management professionals that can support you to develop a complete project plan. This team can work with you to produce certified architectural drawings, DA approval, and manage aspects such as site prep work, flooring, restroom and office build-out, carpark construction, drainage and landscaping.

Construction Management Services

  • Natural Gas and Electric Service Connections
  • Restroom, Office Space and Lobby Construction
  • Parking Lot & Sidewalk Construction
  • Playing Surface Installation
  • Site Engineering Services
  • Architectural Services
  • Landscaping Services
  • Concrete Services
  • Site Grading

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& Build OUTS

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