Cost Effective Building Solution

Arizon Building Systems are the fastest and most cost effective way to build a column-free structure. Arizon Building Systems are constructed in weeks, not months, for prices that are often just 1/3 the cost of conventional construction. Our building systems come equipped with vital components such as heating, air conditioning, lighting and doors, eliminating many of the extra costs associated with other forms of construction. In many situations, Arizon Building Systems even offer exceptional financial benefits beyond first-cost savings.

Cost Effective Building Solution

  • Low initial Investment

    The average cost of an air-supported building is typically 1/3 the cost of a conventional building of the same size.

  • Low Operating Costs

    Arizon uses highly translucent fabric, which allows for natural lighting, reducing or eliminating daytime lighting costs. In addition, Arizon offers several insulation options to reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Enormous unobstructed column free space

    Air structures can span many acres without columns, pillars or posts- creating large, unobstructed, weather-proof spaces.

  • Rapid Construction Solution with flexibility

    Air-supported buildings can be erected in just three to seven days at the job site with minimal site preparation; turn-key construction achievable in less than 10 percent of the time of conventional buildings. Arizon’s buildings can be installed either seasonally or permanently, and can be transported to other sites if necessary, with ease.

  • Comfort

    Our custom-manufactured air handling equipment evenly conditions the interior of an air-supported building, ensuring no drastic temperature differences and maximal comfort during any season.

Custom Manufactured HVAC Equipment

Arizon is the only fabric building manufacturer that builds its air handling equipment in-house. Our air handling units use a dual fan system and Johnson Air-Rotation technology to provide even temperatures throughout the dome while using only 1/7th of the energy of other air handling systems. Further, our air handling systems are custom-designed and manufactured for each building to meet the exact specifications in regards to climate, number of occupants, and facility size.