Why Choose Arizon?

  • Our Production Facilities

    Arizon manufactures its buildings from two UL Certified production facilities totaling 16,722 square metres in the greater St. Louis, Missouri region, including a 7,432 square metres air-supported building. We practice what we preach!

  • Our People

    Arizon Building Systems employs a team of over 50 structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, as well as on-staff designers, architects, project managers and construction managers. Our experienced and diversified staff will help guide your project from concept to completion.

  • Our Superior Technology

    Arizon is the only fabric building system company that also manufactures its own inflation, heating, and cooling units— making our systems much more durable and energy efficient (about 7 times as efficient) as our competitor’s conventional systems. Our HVAC system also ensures even temperatures throughout the space, eliminating any warm corners in the summer.

What Makes Arizon Different?

Inflatable Air Dome HVAC

Custom Designed & Manufactured Mechanical Equipment

  • Less Utility Consumption vs. Other Systems Due to Redundant Fan Technology
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation options available
  • Custom built for each facility
  • Double Wall Construction = product longevity

triple redundant fan technology

  • Low Horsepower
  • Quiet Operation
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Integrated Ventilation / Pressurisation
Air Supported Dome Mechanical Fans
Air Dome Structures Constrols

sophisticated Controls

  • In-House Electrical & Controls Team
  • Web-Based Controls
  • Intuitive Scheduling Interface
  • Automated Wind & Snow Sensor System

Energy Efficient Skylight Feature

  • Natural Light
  • No Need for Artificial Light During Daytime Hours
  • Sized to Meet Customer Needs
  • Exterior Fabric Includes a 20 Year Prorated Warranty
Air Dome Skylight