Location: Indianapolis, IN
Application: Multisport Dome
Size: 220’ W x 410’ L (90,200 sq. ft.)
  • Overhead skylight system
  • Gray interior liner backdrop
  • High efficiency insulation and HVAC system


  • Provide a professional-grade indoor training facility at the University of Indianapolis that can accommodate a variety of sports.


  • Arizon was selected by the U of Indy to design, manufacture, install and service a large, open-span air-supported building that covers the school’s turf field.
  • The structure includes high grade insulation, an energy-efficient mechanical system, an interior skylight that runs the length of the dome, a 14’ gray backdrop that lines the interior
    perimeter, and a low bias cable system to add additional support and building stability.


  • The university is able to offer energy efficient year-round training facilities for its student athletes at a fraction of the cost it would have required to construct a sports complex using traditional building materials.
  • The dome was chosen as the official practice facility for Super Bowl XLVI, used by the 2012 NFC champion New York Giants, who went on to win the Big Game.